It's like Valhalla for the Vikings... but for Simps!


The Junior Simp

  • minor simp, most start there
  • cute natural simping
  • won’t even talk most of the time, just send emojis or stare for hours

The Base Simp

  • the John Doe Simp
  • is just a junior simp that is over 18
  • says things like: “You are amazon, please marry me

The Dirty Simp

  • uses perv traits to try and seduce
  • says things like: “I would stay the whole day in my room with her. 😍” (think it ok but… don’t say it in comments!) OR “What a cutie pie. Lucky camera person going up the stairs, got a little close…lol” …

The Apprentice Simp

  • the John Doe Simp evolved
  • has more vocabulary than the Base Simp -> usually uses a dictionary before writing his comments
  • says things like: “You are the epitome of the cute, beautiful and wonderful woman that makes every man dream of you

The Lite Simp

  • still an amateur , but doesn’t need a dicitonary before writing
    his comments and is trying to use flattery but usually doesn’t even realize he is provoking the opposite expected results
  • says things like:”The Pea is a living doll with intelligence and great subject matter. I could watch her all day!

The Confirmed Simp

  • Thinks his simping will go unnoticed as “simping” but will produce the desired effects
  • says things like: “Thank you for exploring the beauty of our country .. You could have worked too in tourism industry.. One day I could see you’ll receive an award for promoting our country…May you’ll find your lifetime partner so soon..

The Dramatic Simp

  • exaggerates feelings, thinking he will be noticed and appreciated for his sense of humor
  • says things like: “Are you going to break all our hearts and tell us that you are married ?

The Pro Simp

  • uses vulnerability to try and produce the desired effects
  • says things like: “You are obviously very creative, talented, and dedicated to what you do, as well as brave (i would be scared to get in the ocean, lol)….but, my goodness, you are also so gorgeous!

The Pro Max Simp

  • like the pro simp but amplifies everything
  • is trying to use flattery but usually doesn’t even realize he is provoking the opposite expected results
  • says things like: “Pea.. your channel is so enjoyable to watch,
    your content is so well-prepared, you are so articulate and charming, whew! I could go on!! Your beauty and grace, your intoxicating femininity… OK, enough from me! Suffice it to say that I really love the work you do and your total inability to hide what a sweetheart you are. I’m subscribed and addicted.

The Ultra Simp

  • a true SJW athlete & potentially dangerous as he doesn’t hesitate to use force to enforce his simping prerogatives
  • says things like: “Hi Pea, I have to admit that you’re my favorite Youtube personality. The combination of humor, wit, charm, heart, and beauty that you display in all of your videos (I subscribe to your channel and have watched them all) is so refreshing to see.

    I especially liked your video when you brought supplies to the poor elderly lady in the province. Its a testament to your heart, sensitivity and willingness to help others in need. I look forward to watching all of your future videos. Your videos are all very well thought out and
    professionally delivered.

    As far as this video is concerned, I have read some negative comments (because you are wearing a bikini) which has really bothered me… that there are negative people out there that will complain about anything instead of complimenting you (you are gorgeous by the way).

    Just ignore all of those stupid people with negative comments and keep doing what you’re doing because what you are doing is wonderful. As you would say… keep “Telling it like it is”. We love you.
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