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Hi Ladies I'm a Sub with both of you Beautiful Woman I am very hopeful to attend one of the "Ground Zero" events when I finally get to the Philippines. I'm a 64 year old American Musician whose never went to college, Don't laugh at me Ann, but I'm so impressed with Jen & Ann

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I just want to say i love watching you girls, but i have to say kit, you look more Beautiful everytime i see you, everytime you smile, i can't help but smile also, i think i got a crush on you, i tried not to, but everything about you shines, i know you don't want a old and broken man like me, but a man can dream lol.

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Hi Ladies♥I'm from America and both subs of both these Ladies and So Impressed with you both if either of you Ladies are still single when I arrive in the Philippines in either 2023 or 2024, I'm sure you both will be spoken for by the time I arrive , but if you would want a 64 year old Musician who's kind of funny whose been divorced for 20 years with now 3 Adult children,also if you find me alright looking

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